Orfa Alarcón


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Orfa Alarcón was born in Monterrey in 1979 and studied Spanish literature. Her short stories have been published in various magazines and anthologies and won a number of prizes. Brave Bitch is her first novel, which made it onto the shortlist for the Premio Iberoamericano de Narrativa Las Américas.



Monterrey, north Mexico: By the side of the powerful drugs lord Julio, the student Fernanda lives an extravagant life: parties, sex, and plenty of money. In return she devotes herself unconditionally to her man, with a love that is to change to its cruel opposite when Julio is no longer the one Fernanda used to know.

Fernanda is a young woman who has everything and yet, haunted by her own past and the lack of control over her own life as the lover of a narcotics boss, she descends into a downward spiral of dependence and violence. Brave Bitch (“Perra Brava”) is a fast-paced, powerful novel, in which glamour, wealth and beauty are mere facades of corrupt Mexican society.



Without a doubt, Orfa Alarcón is the writer I have long been waiting for. Brave, accurate, irreverent, very much herself. Alarcón’s hand doesn’t tremble, nor does her courage get shaken. I am already looking forward to her new book.

Cristina Rivera Garza


A book that vibrates of its own accord and shakes the reader. Alarcón is quite obviously a meticulous observer and a fantastic listener who is not afraid to use hard language.

Elmer Mendoza/El Universal




Mexico City: Alfaguara 2019, 330 p.

Bitch Doll

Mexico City: Ediciones B 2013, 424 p.


Brave Bitch (“Perra Brava”)

Mexico City: Editorial Planeta 2010, 204 p.

Film rights under negotiation

France: Asphalte 2018Germany: Wagenbach 2014



Participation in anthologies:


El vacío de las calles no vacías. Literatura joven universitaria 2002-2005.

San Nicolás: Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León 2006

(Short Stories: Proceso de laceración and Para que me escuches, aunque sea en blanco y negro)


Antología: jóvenes creadores generación 2007/2008

Mexico City: FONCA 2008


Antología mínima del orgasmo

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La Frontera – Die mexikanisch-US-amerikanische Grenze und ihre Künstler

Frankfurt am Main: Faust Kultur