Flaviano Bianchini


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Flaviano Bianchini was born in Fabriano, Italy, in 1982. He is an environmentalist and human rights activist and holds a master degree in Human Rights and Conflict Management from the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa. In 2012 he founded Source International, a NGO that assists communities all around the world to protect their resources and their land against extractive industries, and in the same year it was considered among the 30 most innovative organizations of the year by the ABC Continuity Forum in Miami. Bianchini was a candidate for the Human Rights Award in 2013, and won the Tech Award in 2014 and the Impact Tech Award in 2016. His book In Tibet un viaggio clandestino received the Chatwin prize in 2012. Migrantes - Clandestino verso il sogno americano was endorsed by Amnesty International.



In his book Migrants. Clandestine Towards the American Dream („Migrantes. Clandestino verso il sogno americano “) Flaviano Bianchini describes his adventures as he takes the same route that thousands of Latin Americans travel to achieve their American Dream, and under the same conditions: he puts on suitable clothing, leaves all his things in Guatemala, sends his passport by mail to a friend and takes on a made-up identity to travel, like all migrants, the thousands of kilometres from Guatemala to the United States. As well as describing his journey, a journey that takes us to the extremes of inhumanity, the author also provides us with important information about migration and the big business that borders mean both to mafia groups and to official institutions. Bianchini's book is a road journal of a tough journey, a testimony far from the frivolous story of a Western traveller in search of extreme experiences: we are faced with a stark, first-person narration of the drama experienced every year by thousands of humans, living in situations of extreme poverty and forced to abandon their countries of origin. A drama that essentially remains invisible. A drama that is also beginning to take place on the freight trains of Europe.


Migrants is a route from which, once you have climbed, it is impossible to return, even if you spend a sleepless night.



Anyone who remembers Cabeza de turco – the experience of Günter Wallraff, who posed as a Turkish immigrant in order to portray their harsh living conditions in 1980s Germany – will understand Migrants.

El País


Migrants is a book that everybody should read. A punch in the stomach to a world that neglects its responsibility with the cheap excuse of “I did not know”.

Corriere della Sera






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English sample translation available

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Adaptation as graphic novel:

Italy: Shockdom Edizioni 2018

(Ill. by Giovanni Ballati)

English sample translation available


Taraipù. Journey to the Amazon (”Taraipù. Viaggio in Amazzonia“)

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In Tibet. A Clandestine Journey (”In Tibet. Un viaggio clandestine“)

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