Andrés Burgos


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Andrés Burgos, born in Medellín in 1973, is a novelist and director and writes screenplays for movies and telenovelas. The film adaptation of his most recent novel, Sofía y el terco, won the Special Award of the Jury of the Cartagena de Indias Film Festival 2012. In his very diverse novels, Burgos proves his wide range of skills and his gift for empathising with his characters in an authentic way.



Sofía y el terco (“Sofía and the Blockhead”) is the story of one last big dream. For years now, Sofía has been asking her stubborn husband to take her out of their mountain village on a trip to the sea, so many years that the two of them have grown old. And so Sofía, her best friend Mercedes and the silent David come up with a plan... A delightful novel about desires and happiness achieved late in life.



In a refreshing style, Manual de pelea (“Fight Manual”) tells the captivating story of a boy growing up in 1990s Medellín. Fourteen-year-old Santiago’s main interests are girls, his standing in the school pecking order and soccer. But while the fights in the schoolyard are still fought with fists, the brutal laws of the narcotics mafia have long since taken over in the rest of society.

In an almost innocent, humorous tone, Burgos describes the end of a childhood.



Andrés Burgos is one of the 25 Best Kept Secrets revealed at the Guadalajara/Mexico Book Fair in 2011.




Clases de baile para oficinistas

Bogotá: Penguin Random House Colombia 2018, 210 p.


Sofía y el terco

Bogotá: Alfaguara 2012, 208 p.

(incl. screenplay and photos)

Film directed by Andrés Burgos

Audience Award of the 21st Latin American Festival of Biarritz 2012




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Nunca en cines

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Calibre 39

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Sofía y el terco

2012, directed by Andrés Burgos

Special Award of the Jury of the Cartagena de Indias Film Festival, Colombia, 2012

Official competition Biarritz Film Festival, France, 2012

World Cinema section, Busan Film Festival, Korea, 2012


La prepago

TV Series, 2011


Hasta que la plata nos separe

TV series, 2005-2007


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