Laura Castañón


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Laura Castañón was born in 1961 in Mieres, Spain. She runs writing workshops and has taught Creative Writing, Literature and Communication since the mid-eighties. She has also worked in radio and television, has been head of press relations and has developed cultural programming work and business communication. La noche que no paró de llover  is her second novel.



Towards the end of her life Valeria, an old lady from a good family, finally wants to find the courage to open a letter which her sister Gadea, who passed away eighteen years ago, has left her. Valeria embarks on a journey into her past, where a dark secret lurks and torments her with nightmares. From early childhood she has envied her younger sister, who was their father’s favourite and who now has two children of her own, thereby loading herself with guilt. Now she consults the psychologist Laia who has just moved into an apartment in Gijón, together with her girlfriend Emma. Valeria's stories open to Laia a new and fascinating world, and also to Feli, who works in the retirement home where Valeria lives and secretly rummages through her papers.
La noche que no paró de llover ("The Night When It Didn’t  Stop Raining") goes back to the time before the civil war and the beginnings of the Franco dictatorship, yet Castañón does not lay out a historical panorama. Rather, she is interested in the individual, and so she is able to draw incredibly vibrant characters, showing their internal contradictions and exploring the relationships between them. She does so with great empathy, stylistic diversity and a long epic breath - the gifts of a born storyteller.



The 13 great books we are releasing this spring. Number 1: La noche que no paró de llover.



I have read great stories this year and everything seems small next to the two books by Laura Castañón. Indispensable.

María Rey, Antena 3



Her novel transforms us. It forms and informs, excites and entertains. It is a novel that we needed.

Fulgencio Argüelles, El Comercio



One of the literary revelations of the summer.

La Vanguardia




Aida, a journalist in her forties, lives obsessed with finding the remains of her grandfather, who was killed during the Spanish civil war. While undertaking this search, she encounters Bruno, an actor with an enveloping character with whom she has a disturbing romance. Dejar las cosas en sus días (“Leaving Things in Their Day”) is a novel of characters and interwoven stories in the best tradition of family sagas.



Laura Castañón has no reason to envy Vargas Llosa, García Márquez or Alejo Carpentier. (...) Magic is her way of spinning all the seams of this drama.

Diego Medrano, El Comercio


A powerful voice speaks of historical memory.

La Vanguardia


One of the best storytellers of recent years.

Gabi Martínez, author








Todos los naufragios

Barcelona: Destino (Planeta), forthcoming


La noche que no paró de llover
Barcelona: Destino 2017, 2.ed. 510 p., pb 2018


Dejar las cosas en sus días
Madrid: Alfaguara 2013, 560 p.