Andréa del Fuego


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Andréa del Fuego was born in São Paulo in 1975. She has worked on the literary TV programme Entrelinhas (Between the Lines) and is currently studying philosophy. She has written a number of highly acclaimed adult novels and children's books. Her short stories have been published in various Brazilian and international anthologies. OS MALAQUIAS was shortlisted for the prestigious Prêmio São Paulo de Literatura 2011 and the Prêmio Jabuti 2011. Andréa del Fuego has been awarded unanimously the Prêmio José Saramago 2011.


In her new novel As miniaturas (“The Miniatures”), Andréa del Fuego plunges the reader into a highly original world made up of dreams and reality. In a mysterious building full of corridors, people are working, under strict regulations, as interpreters of dreams. One day, as he leads a boy through his dreams using plastic miniatures, an interpreter realizes the boy is the son of one of his other clients. Although not allowed to work with members of the same family, the interpreter doesn’t report it and gets more and more involved in the lives of mother and son. Once again the author captivates her readers with a profound and entertaining novel.


Os Malaquias (“The Malaquias”) is an intriguing, intelligent story of family ties and fate in a world where magic lives alongside reality: When their parents die after being struck by lightning, Nico, Antônio and Júlia are separated. While each one tries to make it on their own, they continue to look for each other. Nico stays behind on a coffee plantation, while Antônio and Júlia are sent to an orphanage. In time, Antônio joins Nico and his family and Júlia becomes a successful dressmaker. Then Nico decides to leave for new shores, where he is sure he will see his sister again. A captivating family saga enhanced by a fresh literary tone that skillfully combines scientific conciseness with magical elements.


With del Fuego’s debut novel The Malaquias, contemporary Brazilian literature proves itself to be extraordinarily lively, masterfully written and among the world’s best. A sparkling book full of vitality.



The jury of the José Saramago Prize about Os Malaquias:

Turning back to the rural landscape, her archaic and tragic novel arouses the most intense emotions.


Andréa del Fuego offers us a read that won’t leave anyone untouched. Os Malaquias is harsh, poetic, authentic.


In the intrinsic entanglement of stories that make up this novel, the words have scent and taste, they can be felt with the fingertips. A true masterpiece.

José Luís Peixoto


Her characters live in the hiatus between the archaic and the modern, they dwell in this dense little space between cosmopolitanism and localism. The novel’s force lies in its evoking of memories and highlighting the relationships between the characters.

Globo, Prosa & Verso






As miniaturas

São Paulo: Companhia das Letras 2013, 136 p.

English sample translation available

Argentina: Edhasa 2015 (Spanish world rights) France: Éditions de l'Aube 2018 Portugal: Porto Editora 2014


Os Malaquias

Rio de Janeiro: Língua Geral 2010, 276 p.

film rights under option

José Saramago Prize 2011

English sample translation available

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Short stories:

Minto enquanto posso

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Nego tudo

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Engano seu

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Nego fogo

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Quase caio

São Paulo: Editora Escala Educacional 2008, 93 p.



Novels for young readers:

Sociedade da Caveira de Cristal

São Paulo: editora Scipione 2008, 182 p.

Over 300,000 copies sold in Brazil!



Novels for children:

Irmãs de pelúcia

São Paulo: editora Scipione 2010, 88 p.

Argentina: Edhasa 2013



Participation in anthologies (selection):

Brésil 25 – 2000-2015

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