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Edgar Hilsenrath, born in Leipzig, Germany in 1926, is a survivor of the Jewish holocaust. Having been deported to the Ukraine and sent to a concentration camp, he went to Palestine on one of the first refugee trains. He subsequently lived in France and the United States and now lives in Germany. Hilsenrath's books were initially underground classics, later becoming bestsellers in Europe. His work has been translated in almost thirty countries and he has been recognized through the most distinguished literary awards, like the Lion Feuchtwanger Prize and the city of Heidelberg’s Hilde Domin Prize for Literature in Exile 2016. His books have been published in over 30 countries.




Hilsenrath became internationally known with his novel Der Nazi und der Friseur (“The Nazi and the Barber”) which tells the story of a member of the SS and mass murderer who slips into the role of his victim Itzig Finkelstein and becomes a respected citizen and owner of a barbershop in Tel Aviv. There is hardly a comparable book which so masterly exposes the banality of fascism and the scantiness of the people involved who become victims of their own sad ridiculousness.


Edgar Hilsenrath succeeds in doing the seemingly impossible - he writes a satire about Jews and the SS. A masterly game of vexation about guilt and atonement.

Der Spiegel


Alternately funny, tragic and horrifying, and ultimately very moving.

Publishers Weekly



A shocking confessional and a fascinating document of contemporary history, Fuck America is Hilsenrath's retaliation of 1950s America. His antihero, the semi-fictitious and semi-autobiographic Jewish immigrant Jakob Bronsky, experiences the land of opportunity from the perspective of a trampIn this unique novel, poetic elements, blunt realism, obscenity and wicked humour come together in a deeply moving collage.


With his humour and his literature, Hilsenrath managed to save himself. In Fuck Amerika, he recreates with sarcasm his emigration and his experiences in the New York of the fifties.


The most surprising and corrosive novel ever by a German author.

TGV magazine


In Das Märchen vom letzten Gedanken ("The Story of the Last Thought"), an epos about the 1915 Armenian genocide in Turkey, Hilsenrath tells this crime as a lament for the victims of all genocides. This sad story reads like an Oriental fairy-tale and is a great and necessary contribution of the 100-year-commemoration of the Armenian Massacres.


It is a truly great novel. A piece of work that belongs to a range of works which don’t appear very often, it is a story of the highest class.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung


Like several of today’s powerful writers, Edgar Hilsenrath was a child of the Nazi cataclism, whose literary view of life has been profoundly affected by his experience.

Libray Journal


In the tale of Jossel Wassermanns Heimkehr, the protagonist recalls his home and his compatriots in Bukovina as the spectre of World War II looms, Edgar Hilsenrath pays tribute to the destroyed Jewish culture of Eastern Europe.





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Many critics have compared Hilsenrath to Günter Grass. That is flattering but unnecessary and incorrect. The individuality of Hilsenrath’s thought and sentiment, his artistic use of language, make him a great writer cast in a mold entirely his own.

AUFBAU, New York


In his work, Hilsenrath visualizes two ways to escape horror and death: humour and sex.




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Hilsenrath’s complete work is published by Eule der Minerva Verlag, Berlin.




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