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Elias Khoury, born in Beirut, is the author of fourteen novels, four volumes of literary criticism, and three plays. Khoury is a Global Distinguished Professor of Middle Eastern and Arabic Studies at New York University and was editor in chief of the literary supplement of Beirut’s daily newspaper Al-Nahar, nowadays he is editor in chief of The Journal of Palestine Studies in Beirut. 

Khoury was awarded the Palestine Prize for Gate of the Sun, which was named Best Book of the Year by Le Monde Diplomatique, The Christian Science Monitor, and The San Francisco Chronicle, and a Notable Book by The New York Times. As Though She Were Sleeping received France’s inaugural Arabic Novel Prize. In 2012 Khoury was awarded the UNESCO Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture. In 2016 he won the prestigious Mahmoud Darwish Award for Creativity and donated his USD 25,000 award to Birzeit University, and he was honoured with the Katara Prize for Arabic Novel 2016 in the category of published novels. Recently Elias Khoury has been shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) 2017, the most important literary prize in the Arab world, run with the support of the Booker Prize Foundation in London.



In The Children of the Ghetto. My Name Is Adam (“Awlad el-ghetto. Esmi Adam”), Adam Dannoun immigrated to

New York to escape a love affair that foundered in the psychological devastation caused by the occupation. He works in a falafel restaurant and settles down to write a novel which tells the love story of Waddah Al-Yaman, a famous Arab poet of the Umayyad period. His writing leads him to tell the stories of his childhood in the ghetto that the Israeli army, after expelling most of the inhabitants of Lydda (Lod in Hebrew), built for the small number who remained in the city. Literature merges with reality throughout his evocation of these memories.

The literary characters of the novels of Ghassan Kanafani, Amos Oz and Elias Khoury become real characters, and his account of the drama lived in the Palestinian ghetto merge with the narrator’s attempts to free himself from his own kidnapped identity. His testimony turns into limitless questions, as befits a tale where the stories reflect other stories stretching to infinity.


A deeply touching novel that knows how to listen to the silence of the Palestinian people.



Khoury is one of the greatest writers of our times and perhaps the greatest Arabic-language writer of this generation, definite Nobel Prize material.

Avraham Burg on The Children of the Ghetto. My Name is Adam by Elias Khoury in Haaretz


Elias Khoury is an artist giving voice to rooted exiles and trapped refugees, to dissolving boundaries and changing identities, to radical demands and new languages.

Edward W. Said



Gate of the Sun (“Bab al-Shams”) is the first magnum opus of the Palestinian saga. After their country is torn apart in 1948, two men remain alone in a deserted makeshift hospital in the Shatila camp on the outskirts of Beirut. Khalil holds vigil at the bedside of his patient and spiritual father, a storied leader of the Palestinian resistance who has slipped into a coma.

Beautifully weaving together haunting stories of survival and loss, love and devastation, memory and dream, Khoury humanizes the complex Palestinian struggle as he brings to life the story of an entire people. Originally published in Beirut in 1998, the novel has been a sensation throughout the Arab world, in Israel, and throughout Europe.



Few have held to the light the myths, tales and rumors of both Israel and the Arabs with such discerning compassion. Gate of the Sun is an imposingly rich and realistic novel, a genuine masterwork.

New York Times Book Review


Elias Khoury’s monumental novel is in a sense that groundbreaking book.

The Guardian


The word “brilliant” is etched across Khoury’s Gate of the Sun.

The Independent








The Children of the Ghetto. My Name Is Adam
Awlad el-ghetto. Esmi Adam

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Katara Prize for Arabic Novel 2016

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The Smell of Soap
Ra’ihat al-sabun

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Adapted for the theatre by Lina Abiad and performed on Gulbenkian Theatre at LAU (Beirut) 2000


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Bab al-shams

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Palestine Prize

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Regarding the Relations of the Circle
‘An alaqat al-da’ira 

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Short Stories:

Al-mubtada’ wal-khabar

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