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Sergio Schmucler, born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1959, went into exile to Mexico at the age of seventeen where he studied social anthropology and screenwriting. Since 2002 he has lived between Mexico and Argentina. In 2001 he received the Ariel Award from the Mexican Academy of Film for the screenplay of Crónica de un desayuno. His recent film credits have been for the documentary film Guachos de la call. Memorias del desarraigo (Argentina, 2015) and the TV documentary series Canción Urgente (Argentina, 2013). El guardián de la calle Amsterdam is his second novel.



There is a street in Mexico City formed like an ellipse. If you walk by it, you will find yourself passing by the same places again and again. This disturbing detail brings us into the world of Galo, a child who lives in this street and is trapped within his interpretation of a double family mandate: his father has told him "you'll be a carpenter or you will not be anything," whereas his mother has told him "my son will never leave this house." Galo chooses to be nothing and not to leave his home. But the world and history end up coming to his home. After his father goes away with another woman, his mother rents out rooms which are occupied for a time by a Jewish family fleeing the Nazis, by a Spanish barber who escaped the civil war, and by some young Latin American revolutionaries. Galo observes and lives together with these people, trying to understand their ideals and their lives, which in turn will allow him to create his own view of the world and witness important events of the twentieth century.

El guardián de la calle Ámsterdam ("The Guardian of Amsterdam Street") is a cool and bright book, relating both big and small dramas with humour. A deeply human book that tells a moving story and the possible ways of being in the world and transforming it through our actions. It raises many questions. Perhaps one of the most powerful is this: What can we contribute - from joy or from anger - to bring about what we think needs to happen?



A deeply human book. (...) Sergio Schmucler achieves a paradox of rare beauty: writing a book about exile that tells the story of someone who has decided not to leave his home.

La Voz, Eugenia Almeida



Humour, longing, love, sadness... it is a study of mankind that Schmucler reveals to the reader in The Guardian of Amsterdam Street.

Arte y Cultura








La cabeza de Mariano Rosas

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France: Liana Levi 2017 Mexico: Elefanta 2014


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Feature Films (selection):

La Sombra Azul, Argentina 2012

Screenplay, Production and Direction


La Herencia, Argentina 2008

Screenplay and Direction


Crónica de un desayuno, Mexico 1999


Ariel Award from the Mexican Academy of Film for the screenplay


Laberinto Mortal, Argentina, 1989

Screenplay and Direction



Documentary Films (selection):

Guachos de la calle. Memorias del desarraigo, Argentina 2015

Screenplay and Direction


Curapaligüe. Memorias del desierto, Argentina 2010

Screenplay, Production and Direction


Canción de Mariano, Argentina 2005

Screenplay and Direction


¿Y Bonino?, Argentina 2002




TV-Series (selection):

Canción Urgente, Argentina 2012

Screenplay, Production and Direction


Cordobesas y cordobeses del Bicentenario, Argentina 2010

Screenplay and Direction



Theatre (selection)

Chantecler Chantecler, Argentina 2003



Ahí vienen los chilangos, Mexico 1986

Authorship and Direction