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Guiomar de Grammont is a writer, drama advisor and professor at the Federal University of Ouro Preto, and holds a doctorate in Brazilian Literature from the University of São Paulo. Among her publications are the novel Fuga em espelhos (Fugue of Mirrors) and the short story volume O fruto do vosso ventre (The Fruit of Your Loin), for which she received the Casa de Las Américas Award in 1993. She was an editor at the prestigious Brazilian publishing house Record and a curator of the Bogotá Book Fair and the Salon du Livre in Paris, among others. Guiomar de Grammont is the creator of the Forum of Literature in Ouro Preto, which she has been directing since 2005.



Based on real records and documents from guerrilla fighters, Guiomar de Grammont’s new novel Palavras cruzadas (“Crosswords”) is a story about the Brazilian resistance movement told through a family that is falling apart over the unsolved crimes of the past.

Brazil, 1971: As a young man, Leonardo leaves his home to follow the Guerrilha do Araguaia, a resistance group in the Amazon region. He never returns. 25 years later, Leonardo’s younger sister Sofia goes looking for him, taking with her a mysterious diary of two partisans who describe their secret everyday life and their daily struggle for survival in the depths of the jungle. Only much later will Sofia learn that its authors are her brother and his lover Mariana who, pregnant, has to leave the secret camp on her own. Mariana’s traces disappear in São Paulo, Leonardo’s in the jungle itself. For Sofia, many questions will remain open, but one answer is waiting for her: her niece.

As in a crossword, the voices of the different characters flow together, making a forceful claim for clarification and closure, on behalf of all the families whose sons and daughters have disappeared, leaving them to wonder about what might have happened and living lives that can’t escape the past. Writing from Sofia’s point of view, Guiomar de Grammont treats these difficult topics with great sensitivity, leaving the reader deeply moved by the tenderness of her voice.



A question still relevant.

Le Monde


A new and promising female voice on Brazil‘s literary scene.

The jury of the Premio Casa de Las Américas



Guiomar de Grammont is capable of influencing the literary course of our country with a single comment.

O Tempo



A talented writer, Guiomar de Grammont employs short, precise sentences that are often unexpected and at times charged with poetry, thus giving the novel a tone of urgency which skilfully reflects Sofia‘s search for her brother.

Laurentino Gomes








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